With the holiday season officially starting (yesterday with Hanukkah, today with Thanksgiving, and soon Christmas, Kwanza, and the new year), I want to give myself and whoever reads this, a  simple reminder to cherish your traditions.

Each Thanksgiving, my family always adds something new to the table, whether its a new dessert or side dish or after-meal activity. And this year is no exception. But some things remain the same, and in the face of all the change our world sees, it is nice to see the beauty in those old traditions. Like having your uncle come over early to help fry the turkey. Or making your grandmother’s incredible, beloved noodle pudding even after she is gone (sorry, but that recipe is family-only). And we can’t forget that after-meal digestion session where family and friends catch up, your grandma makes comments about how your hair shouldn’t be dyed so dark, and sometimes fall asleep.

I think traditions are what brings and keeps families together. You can feel the love and  that accumulates through the years and share in the laughter at past stories. So even though we now have Black Friday shopping at 7pm Thanksgiving day (really…), remember that some things should be protected so we can stay connected with our roots. Happy Holidays!


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