Crispy Kale “Chips”

Here is another recipe that we used in our food production lab (you would think my entire cooking life has centered around that lab, with all the recipes I have kept from it).

These are very easy to make and keep pretty well (at least for the day) so you can make them in the morning and then serve them at your party later in the afternoon or at night.

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Fried Sunchoke Chips with Rosemary Salt

I was first exposed to sunchokes (also known as Jerusalem artichokes) through one of the nutrition newsletters I received and thought it looked like such a strange food. Last week, I was in Athens, Georgia and happened to find some when I visited a farmers’ market. Naturally, I had to buy them.

Funnily enough, Jerusalem artichokes are not artichokes nor from Jerusalem. Englishmen could not pronounce the Italian name for them, so they called them Jerusalems and then added artichoke to the name because of the taste resemblance.

The sunchokes sliced easily and fried well. They had an unusual but very pleasant flavor. My friends ate them up within minutes.

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