Blackberry-Brie Burger

Awhile back I had an Elk burger from Square 1 Burgers that was absolutely delicious. I can’t remember exactly what was in that burger (All I recall is elk, cheese, and jam. Maybe some caramelized onion.) but it definitely inspired what I just created. It sounds weird, I know, but somehow the combo works and in less than 20 minutes (what it took to heat up some sweet potato fries) you have yourself a mouth-watering, did-I-just-inhale-this-yes-I-did, burger.


(For you, Brittney)
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Lemony Chicken Saltimbocca

I am a huge fan of Mediterranean-influenced dishes. When I was in Italy, I fell in love. Looking at a recipe, it seems very simple with only a few steps and a few ingredients. But a lot of work goes into producing and cooking the food there, and you can bet your butt a lot of love is added into those pots too.

The result is something like this dish. Very simple and clean tasting but delicious nonetheless. Make sure you use prosciutto in this recipe. It crisps up much better than bacon would and provides a distinct salinity. If you are getting it sliced at the deli counter, I would suggest the imported kind (to me, the American versions just can’t compete with Prosciutto di Parma) and ask them to slice it thin, but not shaved.

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Cumin-Spiced Fish Tacos with Avocado-Mango Salsa

One thing I love about cooking is that you can use whatever you have on hand and the food still turns out great! This recipe is a perfect example of that; as long as you have the main components, it will all end perfectly in your belly.  Continue reading

Tuna Melts with Avocado

Fresh rules at my house, especially when it comes to fish. It’s nice to find a recipe that reminds me canned (and frozen) foods can be just as tasty and healthy. Not to mention, they are often time-savers. This open-faced sandwich demonstrates all those things and gives you a light, but satisfying lunch. If you are cooking for just yourself, go ahead and make the entire tuna mixture. You can save the rest for another sandwich or a snack.  Continue reading

Picnic Fried Chicken

I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but I am having a HUGE love affair with the South. Country music, cowgirl boots, trucks, and of course, food. Southern Living‘s 1001 Ways to Cook Southern cookbook looked like a dream on a shelf, so I quickly grabbed it up and bought it.

Quite fittingly, the first recipe I made from this Southern cooking bible is fried chicken. Oh. My. Goodness. It was perfectly crispy but juicy and I wish I had more of it. If you aren’t a fan of chicken bones or skin, using boneless and skinless pieces of meat are fine.

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Sauté of Turkey with Spring Vegetables

I have never been to France, and to be honest, I don’t know much about French cuisine. But, I made this recipe and felt like I was traveling to the French countryside. You can add some pasta or a piece of bread, if you want, but I think Mrs. Mireille Guilino knows what she is doing- the dish is perfect on its own. Get ready for a full belly. Continue reading

Bistro Steak with Red Wine Sauce

I can’t cook red meat. For the past four years, I have been trying to cook steaks and hamburgers in my apartment with no success. The meat always ends up burnt on the outside with a raw center or completely dry, the perfect (my perfect) medium-medium well doneness always eluding me. Each attempt was far and few between. An animal died so I could eat it; the most I could do was respect the meat I was cooking by cooking it right (but more on that later). I gave up cooking red meat…until now.

Maybe this is my hallelujah recipe because I did it. I cooked the perfect steak. So this recipe is a keeper, a one pan wonder y’all should try. With some mashed sweet potatoes and sautéed broccoli, you’ll be good to go.  Continue reading

White Bean, Sage, and Sausage Soup

It has been awhile since I have tried a new recipe (4 months and 8 days, to be exact) and I was very excited to get back into exploring the culinary world. I offered to make lunch for my grandma, and after some shuffling through the thousands – literally thousands – of collected recipes, I decided on White Bean, Sage, and Sausage soup and was so glad I did.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about this. Leeks smell like black licorice, which is not a food I particularly enjoy. I pleasantly found out that the leek bulb does not make the dish taste like licorice, but gives a gentle flavor that complements everything else in the soup. This is a one-pot wonder that was super easy to make once you prepare all your ingredients. Make sure to have a few slices of crusty bread on hand to dip into the broth.

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Jungle Curry Tofu

I’m not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy the occasional vegetarian entree. I also enjoy the occasional tofu. Unfortunately, I am horrible at cooking tofu- I can never get the right consistency. The pattern still held true this time, but I think I’m getting there. Practice makes perfect, right?

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Rainbow Trout with Seared Sugar Snaps

So, obviously, I have a thing for fish recipes. The only fish I grew up on (and then out of, but I’m trying to get back into it) was sardines. As I got older, I started to value the nutritional benefits of fish, as well as the beauty in its variety. However, I’m not a huge fan of that “fishy” taste, and despite all my attempts to choose the freshest fillets, sometimes that taste is still there. The solution? To get find awesome recipes.

Something I’ve been doing lately is waiting until I’m too hungry to start cooking, and then I would just throw something together, which wasn’t all that satisfying. If you happen to find yourself in that kind of situation, make this recipe. It is the quickest, simplest thing to make and tastes wonderful.

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