Crispy Herbed Shrimp with Chive Aioli with Roasted Asparagus and Tomatoes

Holy moly that is a long title. Anyways…

I have a confession to make. Shellfish scare me. First, I’m afraid that I’m secretly allergic to them and will have a terrible reaction (it hasn’t happened yet). Second, I’m not confident in my ability to properly cook them. Too little time, and you have raw seafood which may be harmful. Too much, and you have overcooked, chewy sea-protein.

But you have to face your fears sometime, and yesterday was that day. I was pretty impressed with this recipe, and for someone who has all the above fears and isn’t too thrilled with shrimp’s texture, found I actually enjoyed eating it. The directions are straightforward and easy to follow. The only thing I found problems with was peeling and deveining my own shrimp. It was a full immersive, play with your food moment, but it was also frustrating. If you eat shrimp frequently, I would recommend getting a special knife to do this peeling. Otherwise, you can use a paring knife and take some more time to get those shrimps clean.  Continue reading


Hazelnut-Crusted Halibut with Roasted Asparagus

I love the presentation of this dish. The rich toasted brown of the hazelnuts and the bright green asparagus just scream “Eat me because I’m good!” It’s a nice meal to put together, and although there are a bunch of little steps to complete, the process is relatively simple and doesn’t take long at all (23 minutes. I timed it.)

If you can’t find halibut anywhere (for whatever reason, they do not sell it in Gainesville, which is very frustrating) or it is more than you want to spend on fish, I’ve found that flounder makes a very nice substitute. I think flounder is a little less flavorful than halibut, so I would recommend adding some extra herbs or spices to it, such as some extra thyme from the asparagus.

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